Projects that I've built

E-Commerce Web App

This is a fully functional E-commerce app with context API and UseReducer hook.

JavaScript, ReactJs, Bootstrap, and Netlify.

2D Snake Game

This is a simple 2D Snake Game made from scratch with HTML, CSS, and vanilla JAvaScript.

HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JavaScript.

Weather Application

A weather application built with ReactJs uses 3rd API call to fetch all datas of a particular city on the screen

JavaScript, ReactJs, Netlify, GitHub

Crypto tracker

An app which shows all the details of a cryptocurrency token, like market cap, price, name, etc

JavaScript, ReactJs, BootStrap, and Netlify

Grocery List CRUD application

A CRUD application which has the ability to create, read, edit, and delete the elements.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, reactJs, Bootstrap, Netlify

Meme Generator

A meme generator which generates a bunch of memes and displays the top and bottom text in that meme.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJs, Netlify, GitHub

A Menu App

A restaurant menu application which displays different menus in variety of categories.

JavaScript, ReatcJs, and Netlify

Breakout Game

A retro vintage game built with Vanilla JS.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Quiz App

A simple quiz app which asks questions and displays the results.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2D space shooting game

A retro vintage space shooting game to kill all the space invaders.

Vanilla JavaScript